Client Reviews

Eye catching

Beautiful eye catching photos from around the world! Very intriguing to find out the locations of her images to take you on a trip around the world.

The Best

Without a doubt, some of the best photography from around the world!

Beautiful Art!

Beautiful Art! The printing quality is absolutely fantastic. Donna is a great lady and really talented!!

Photographic Skills

What a wonderful delight to see La Donna’s studio. Her photographic skills are second to none!

I’m Taken Back to My Native Italy

Having enjoyed LaDonnaFoto at several exhibits, I feel as if I have been taken back to my native Italy. The pictures are so vibrant and full of life that one has the impression of being there in the picture. I very much look forward to her next exhibit!

A Very Talented Person

She is very talented and a good hearted person. Donna and I had a fashion event together which was a successful event to see and meet her clients! Way to go Donna!

You Can Feel Her Passion for Italy

Wonderful pictures! Donna is able to catch amazing views and hidden spots! I love her photos. So unique! From her pics you can feel her passion and love for Italy. Bellissime!

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