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International landscape photographer, Donna Carnahan, was intrigued by the beauty of the Renaissance art in Florence and inspired to take a photographic journey throughout 10 regions in Italy over a five year period. Her body of work “Mediterranean Summer” was selected by LandEscape Art Review, Special Edition in 2021. Ms. Carnahan’s fine art photograph, along with an interview, were featured in a 25 page spread.


Having studied the Italian language, culture, art and history, she is able to explore and record the majestic beauty found in landscapes, seascapes, vineyards, cliffs, caves, and architecture in a way that has been described as having a romantic vibe, beautifully composed, and cleverly created to exhibit.

“Summer Tuscan Vineyard”, an asymmetric pentaptych photograph on canvas was recently featured in the American magazine, Forbes.


Limited edition pieces are created uniquely on canvas, aluminum metal, and metallic fine art paper. Art collectors include Mr. Giuseppe Risi, owner/auto dealership Ferrari of Houston, Texas, USA. Curated works can be found at Visual Arts Alliance exhibition online and in person at The Silos tenant exhibit in Houston.

Ms. Carnahan’s work can be seen online at www.LaDonnaFoto.com and at her studio, La Donna Foto studio #308, located inside historical building, The Silos of Sawyer Yards, at 1502 Sawyer Street in Houston, Texas, USA 77007.

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