Exhibiting in Milan, Italy at DE.MO with International Art Gallery M.A.D.S

Donna Carnahan was selected by Italian art curator, Martina Viesti, to exhibit her fine art photography at M.A.D.S. Art Gallery in Milan, Italy for the international exhibition, “DE.MO Lifestyle” during the most famous fashion and design week! OPENING September 9-24, 2021.

M.A.D.S. Art Gallery is set up with screens, video projectors and touch screen monitors (the first multimedia gallery with this permanent, digital set-up, unique and innovative). M.A.D.S. has monitors (currently 50”, 55”, 60”, 85″) in both the 2 floors of the location, vertical and horizontal size, to optimally accommodate all kinds of dimensions and to make the real dimensions of the work stand out. Touch screen monitors allow the viewer to zoom and enhance every detail for a great result. M.A.D.S. Art Gallery is also equipped with the VR OCULUS virtual reality viewer device to host photos.

The challenge of M.A.D.S. is to observe the lines, colors and shapes of haute couture dresses and be inspired by a new artistic work, created to measure or remain in the archive of the past, for this edition of Design and Fashion Week of September 2021. Two International events of great media importance that, for the first time in history will be held in the same month in the city of fashion, Milan, attracting the attention of many from all over the world. DE.MO is the exhibition of M.A.D.S. halfway between MO.DE and DE.MO, that sample demonstration of the production of different artists on the international scene who want to contribute through art to combine fashion and design. Two sectors that dictate trends, lifestyles to adapt our existence to. What was revolutionary yesterday, today is fashion, today is us.

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